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News » Press » 7 Oct 16

There’s a new ED in town…

Introducing Corey Snelson, Interim Executive Director!

After two years of tireless service, Liz Etta will step down from the Executive Director position at the Tenants Union of Washington. “I have learned a lot about the community and its true needs. I’ve heard from low-, middle-, and upper-income families who feel the strain of housing cost and regulation in the state. I’ve heard from children who lose friends when they are forced to move and find that their new apartment buildings don’t let them play outside. I’ve helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the housing justice movement to expand the education program hotline’s hours and days of operation. And, as a team, we have worked with a great team of volunteers and allies for justice. I’m grateful for all of my experiences with the Tenants Union, and I’ll always fight for housing justice. See you all on the TU’s board of directors!” Liz Etta says about her experiences with the TU and plans for the future. We wish Liz all the best, and thank her for her service!

“I’m grateful for all of my experiences with the Tenants Union, and I’ll always fight for housing justice.” – Liz Etta

Serving as Interim Executive Director, Corey Snelson, former Board Chair of 3 years, hotline caller, and organizational leader will continue our quest for housing justice. “I am extremely excited and energized for the work of the TU and my role ushering new executive leadership. After leading the Board of Directors for 3 years, it is so empowering to see the efforts the TU staff, board, and volunteers are making every day to prevent homelessness and elevate tenants rights across Washington. Over the past year, the TU has increased the number of tenants who have accessed our tenant counseling services by 152%. As someone who came to the TU in the midst of a crisis through the tenants’ rights hotline, nothing makes me happier than to see this critical work expanded while we continue the fight for our rights in the streets,” Snelson says. We’re excited to bring Corey on!

We’re excited for what’s to come with our new leadership during this critical time in which homelessness is increasing and people are being rapidly displaced from their communities, families, and homes. In the coming months, we will be hiring for a new permanent Executive Director. Please check out our employment opportunities page to keep updated, tell your friends, and to apply for this rewarding position. Join us today to fight for renters rights! Onward!